A Response to Violence and Tragedy

By Will Davis (Guest Post) Today, while walking, my thoughts were pulled toward the tragedies that occurred over the weekend. I saw something that caused this reflection. It was a quote by the His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, I saw posted, a quote that expressed my own feelings at first, “I am not ready to comment…” It was with another statement that has become quite popular by … [Read more...]

Gay Affirmative

Note: This post is reprinted from WE Spirituality. Today the war between homosexuality and religion rages on in the churches, mosques, and synagogues. Most conservative or orthodox or traditional religionists reject homosexual acts or the orientation itself as incompatible with ethical and righteous living. And worldwide these are the loudest voices and the most powerful and … [Read more...]

Gay Enlightenment

Whereas mainstream pundits and public intellectuals in the U.S. are focused on the next election, and many other folks are focused on the next Saturday night, there is a wider and deeper perspective. Looking as wide as this moment in over 2,000 years of socio-cultural evolution since the beginning of the Common Era, and looking as deep as this moment arising when the cutting … [Read more...]

Who Are The Radical Faeries?

Rev. Malcolm Boyd writes a review of Mark Thompson's book The Fire In Moonlight: When developing gay life in America starts to surface in books about the era, gay spirituality will emerge as one of the more fascinating subjects. A significant new book that deals with the subject has just appeared. It is "The Fire In Moonlight: Stories from the Radical Faeries," edited by Mark … [Read more...]