It’s Time To Mold New Grooves In The Vessels Of Consciousness

pottery-handsBy Joe Perez

(Originally posted on Aug. 25, 2013.)

Sometimes great enthusiasm builds up in me for the future of the international Gay Community when I work on this website.

Why? Because the LGBTQ rights revolution which is sweeping Europe and North America is in the midst of molding the destiny of the entire world… and the time may be coming at last for Spirituality to shape The Movement in what has been a cause lacking in the fervor of spirit.

It makes sense when you think about it. Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East: with a few notable exceptions like China and Russia, the rest of the world is much more religious than the much more secularized Europe. The religionists in huge parts of the world are more conservative even than the religionists in the U.S., where I live.

All this means that religion is a huge part of the challenge facing gay and bi men and everyone else seeking to live authentically themselves and love who they choose. And religion is also a source of identity, strength, and hope for many people, gay and bi men definitely included.

Our role must not be to swerve around religion and hope that everybody in the world becomes an atheist overnight in order to justify The Cause. God forbid. The world has seen enough of atheist ideologies which promised liberation and only delivered another tyranny.

We are not drinking out of the same pot that everybody else is, we are potters forming our own vessels, living at the cutting edge of what is possible for humans to believe and experience. We can’t be afraid of getting our hands dirty. There’s going to be some real pain.

We must be children of Spirit and mature adults of the world, justifying The Cause by means of legitimate religious as well as secular principles while not boxing ourselves into stultifying lifestyles. My approach begins by affirming that gaiety is the very Feeling of Being.

We need energy and enthusiasm now more than ever… and that means liberating the transformative power of Spirit without painting ourselves as foolish or absurd. Indeed, now is the time to make spirituality relevant in ways that it never has been before.

We are all activists if we so much as say the words, “I am gay” or “I am lesbian” or “I am bi” or “I am trans”, but it is not our egos talking, it is God in the form of our personal essence. God works through us even when our lives are off track and our websites are a total mess.

And the Divine wants to see us thrive, return to Our True Nature, and be agents of rejuvenation in our domains. God and Goddess bless you!

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  • dominickj

    Hummmm if you can’t fight them JOIN them sort of mentality???

    • Joe Perez

      Join in what you can in integrity join in. Integral Spirituality is about including everything about an opposing position that is true and rejecting that which is false. Short answer, but does it help?